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Running SW on a low budge laptop

Question asked by Bill Barschdorf on Jul 8, 2018

Im looking for input on a 2n1 laptop.  Im new to Solidworks and working my way threw the tutorials now. I will use the laptop for Soliworks and Rhino CAD. Ive used Rhino for 20 years now making a transition to SW.  My needs in SW will be very simple parts and assemblies with minimal parts.  Im set on a 2N1 touchscreen laptop for versatility as for everyday use as well as for CAD. BIG problem is i don’t have 3K to buy a high-end workstation laptop. In fact I only have a few hundred to spend right now, so my budget is toping out at like 400.00 bucks. IF and when I need to do more complex stuff in SW or rendering I will use my workstation. Im looking for a good used deal. At some point I will want a bigger better laptop. Im just tired of being tied to my big workstation.


What Im seeing for what I would like to spend is pretty much a i5 processor with 8GB of ram and I don’t see any thing out there with a NVida Quadro GPU IF I’m lucking maybe some other Nvidia card but there slim pickings at that price.


Im looking for some practical feedback of users that are running solid works on a very minimal 2n1 or standard laptop? How well will solid works run on a very bare bones laptop? I figure almost anything is got to be at least as good as my 9 year old current desktop.