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Center of Mass to create balance point?

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by Fatih Mehmet Ozcan

Assuming that all parts of an assembly have been created using the correct material property information, is it viable to use the Center of Mass projection that Solidworks calculates in the Mass Properties command?


I am designing a lifting device to move one of our blowers from the build bench to the test bed. (really a table - so I don't know why we call it a "bed" - but I digress). The blower is assembled in the horizontal position:

But needs to be in the vertical position when attached to the testing rig:

ALSO - is there a way to have some sort of a marker, or symbol, viewable to locate the CoM?


AND - is there an option in Solidworks that would allow me to free-hang the blower - by holding the lifting device at the pivot point - to simulate how it will hang when lifted? If that makes sense at all...