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    Workgroup PDM install challenge.

    Boris Ostrovskiy

      I'm trying to setup 2016 Workgroup PDM and 2016 Solidworks on a single machine.

      Did a clean install of both PDM and SW (SP 5.0)

      Here are the symptoms:


      1. VaultAdmin works, I can open, add users, change settings.
      2. Soliworks Explorer works and shows "My Vault" location with my test project setup
      3. ViewSetup doesn't work!
        • Can't see any servers
        • If I do "Add -> Localhost, port 40000" I get an error "The socket was closed gracefully on the other end"
      4. Server log does show "Server is running. Request Port listening for connections on PORT: 40000. WORKER THREADS: 10"
      5. Within SolidWorks, PDM Client add-in runs but no prompt to login, and all of the PDM menus/buttons are grayed out


      Any thoughts?

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Boris,

          The Workgroup PDM system doesn't make use of "View Setup".  I think you are referring to PDM Standard but that doesn't operate through port 40000 (and 20000 and 30000) like Workgroup PDM does.  PDM Standard operates through ports 3030 and 1434 (since it is a named SQL instances).  So, you may wish to check connectivity on these ports instead before running View Setup again.

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            Kenneth Barrentine

            You're mixing 2 different systems in your challenge.


            SolidWorks PDM uses "Administration" as tool to configure.

            View Setup is a direct reference to SolidWorks PDM.


            SolidWorks Workgroup PDM uses "VaultAdmin" as tool to configure.

            LocalHost is a direct reference to Workgroup PDM.


            PDM client runs???

            Which client, PDM or Workgroup?