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Map a files File Extension (file type) to a PDM Variable on File Card?

Question asked by Shawn Talley on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by Craig Schultz

I am using SolidWorks PDM Professional and trying to get a file's file extension mapped to a PDM Data Card Variable on the File Data Card?  Basically I want to store the files file extension in a PDM Variable called FileType (for example, DWG --> FileType Variable).


What I am trying to do is to use one data card for multiple file types that display similar info.  I am trying to do this currently with the "Controlled by Variable" option on a Tab Control.  What I want to do is have one tab for a DXF file, another for a DWG file, and so on...  I could also use this on SolidWorks files, where one tab would be for a Part file (SLDPRT), one for an Assembly File (SLDASM), and one for a Drawing file (SLDDRW)...


I just cannot seem to get the file type portion of the file name into a PDM Variable to use for controlling the tabs.  I have tried Input Formulas on a variable, but since they require some form of manual input on a data card to run or calculate, it fails to work...  This seems like an easy string manipulation problem, but I just must be missing something simple I hope...


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