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Transform a solid part against a surface

Question asked by Mikael Jonsson on Jul 5, 2018



This is my first question at this forum, hope you can help me with my problem. Can´t find the answer or I don´t know the right word when I search.


I have worked in Solidworks a couple of year with both solid and surface so that is no problem. But now I work with composite and want to try the composite simulation in Solidworks Premium 2018. I get the Solidworks Entrepreneur license last month.


Now my problem, I want to transform/deform/flex/indent or something the upper solid part down to follow the surface or "mould". In the real life i use a milled foam core and vacuum form this on the mould. But how can I make this transform in Solidworks? I need to do this so I can get a part to use in simulation.


If I have a flat core with same thickness it is no problem, but now the core have diffrent thicknesses.


I try the deform surface push but that one don´t work.


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Mikael Jonsson