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    Thread Specification-Type & Size Help

    Rita Stucke

      Hi Everybody,


      Newbie with Solidworks, used mostly Catia V5, and have come to my first stumbling block. I have a drawing of a plastic pipe, BSP DIN ISO 228 that calls out only the following: G1 1/4 with a pipe ID of 35.7. I have all the info regarding G1 1/4 from both here and online but cannot figure out how to input this info into Solidworks. Perhaps I'm overlooking something simple but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to create this thread in Solidworks using the info I have and what's available in the thread menu under 'specification', 'type' and it's corresponding 'size'. Inch die / inch tap / metric die / metric tap / SP4xx Bottle?????


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,