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Dynamics Simulation - Response Spectrum

Question asked by Krishna Muralli on Jul 5, 2018

Hello All

I need to perform a dynamic simulation on a box which will be attached onto the structure. To verify its dynamic stability i need to perform FEA.

I have been given with

Vertical axis - 3.3 m/s2 (RMS), 5 to 100 hz

Transverse  - 2.7 m/s2 (RMS), 5 to 100 hz

Longitudinal axis - 3.0 m/s2 (RMS), 5 to 100 hz 

for a duration of 3 hours.

1. How do i define the study? It has to be performed individually for each axis?

2. In Dynamics- random vibration study there is no option to set the time, Is there a way to do it?


Please help


Thank You