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Making a model scaleable using parameters

Question asked by Nino Van Gerwen on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Bill Toft

Hey guys,

I'm new with Solidworks (since this week) and i'm trying to figure out a lot of stuff. So far it goes great, however i have this one challenge:


I want to create an object with diffrent parts (let's say for example a cube with a smaller cube stacked on top of it). Now i want to stretch the cube into a rectangle:

versoe 1.PNGversoe 2.PNG

The yellow part is ''stretchable'' so to speak. So if i ever want to give the object more width i can simply select the object and ''stretch'' it to the desired measurement. In the old AutoCAD days u could make a block with a stretchable side. Is this also possible in Solidworks? So if i fill in this parameter or change it from 1>2 it stretches out, making a rectangle.

Advice and tips are welcome!