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    Auto Number in Notes. How do I delete a note?

    Charles Culp
      So I'm revising a drawing with 5 notes. I used auto-numbering, just as I always do. I wanted to delete note 4. If I just delete it, note 5 becomes note 4.

      That all makes sense, and SW even has a way to accommodate that. If you right click on the note, you can select "Bullets and Numbering..." and get a dialog box. In it you can change the numbering to "Start at:" a different number. So I tried to start a new numbering set, and have it start at 5. Unfortunately, it always starts at 1 no matter what's in the "Start at:" box.

      Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone out there have a method to use auto-numbering and still delete notes?

      Yes, I can have the note say 4. DELETED. You know though; we are well into the digital age, so this seems silly.