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Thank You All...............

Discussion created by Dave Bear on Jul 4, 2018
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Hi folks,

Well, nothing much to say except that I just wanted to thank you all for your help, guidance, laughter, friendship, patience and understanding over the last two years.

I'm having my surgery on Sunday and as with most neurosurgery (or any surgery for that matter) the outcome is never definite. Without sounding like bleeding hearts, mine is a little bit more complicated as well and has a small trial element to it. So, not knowing what lies ahead, I just wanted to sing out my appreciation to you all for accepting me into the fold, I've had fun and have learnt so much from various talented individuals.


I'm going to miss this forum! If only for a short time. I have to return the computer I've been using SolidWorks on all this time as it was kindly loaned to me by a company I used to deal with before I fell ill so that is going to feel like having a leg amputated for a while I guess lol. As some of you may know, I have been travelling Australia since I first got diagnosed (a bucket list thing) but it was also somewhat of a forced decision as once the powers that be deemed that this surgery was now the only option I was going to need just shy of $87,000 to pay for it, that's after health benefits pay their part. So, needing a roof over our heads, we got the off-road camper trailer and Land Cruiser and to tell you the truth we haven't looked back. I was told I would need something however to keep the brain healthy and very stimulated and that was where SolidWorks and this forum came into play. Obviously, I couldn't afford the software, and some co-workers rallied around and came up with a solution, I'm so grateful that they did. I got to meet all you folks. I only have one regret, I didn't get to finish my truck model.......... such is life.


Anyhow, I have given John Stoltzfus the main portion of my points to hold until my birthday next month and if I'm not heard of by then he can distribute them as he sees appropriate. In the meantime, to each and every one of you, I wish you nothing but the very best of health and prosperity and hope to see you all again in a few weeks. Thank you for being such a great bunch of people!


Thank you & be safe.