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Biomedical Simulation, Spine

Question asked by Majd Al Hyder on Jul 4, 2018

Hello everyone,


I have an assembly of two vertebrates, a disk, 4 screws, two plates, and 4 nuts.

The vertebrates are in two layers, a core and a cortex, of different material density.


I want to apply loads on one side and fix the other.


The vertebrates I made by offsetting the surface to the inside, closing it and then intersecting without fusion.

The screws are supposed to go through the core and the cortex,



How big of a simulation is this for my computer,


I have 8GB Ram, Nvidia 2GB


How big is it for me as a beginner in simulations.

How should one go about interferences and threds geometry.


I'm here to learn, and to see what knowledge there is to gain from this discussion.


Thank you for any participation.