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Part numbers not updating for copied parts

Question asked by David Boyd on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by Tim Webb



I've got our part cards in PDM setup to set the part number the same as the file name of the part. So far, so good, seems to work for new parts fine. Problem we've just discovered this morning is, if you copy the part and give it a new file name, the part number in the part card is still the same as the old file and won't update. See below for the options I have setup...

We are using Solidworks 2018 SP3, and PDM professional. I'll readily admit, I don't have a great clue how to set this up properly, hadn't even used Solidworks until a few months ago and never setup anything like this before so I'm making this up as I go! Probably something obvious I'm missing but any help would be much appreciated.