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Issue creating dowel pin hole

Question asked by Swme Eng on Jul 4, 2018

Hello all,


    I have begun the dive into the hole wizard API, and I am running into all sorts of problems. The biggest issue is that when I execute the following code:


Call swWzdHole.InitializeHole(swWzdHole, swStandardAnsiInch, 703, "1/8", swEndCondThroughAll)


I get an "Object doesn't support this property or method" error. The same snipped of code works fined for tapped holes, but doesn't work for anything else. I'm wondering if it is the size callout ("1/8") and if that is supposed to be formatted differently.


Additionally, has anyone seen the issue where you create a tapped hole using the method described here:


2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Create Hole Wizard Feature Data Object and Hole Wizard Feature Example (VBA)


But for some reason the second sketch pulls in the counterbore revolved profile for some reason?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!