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SolidWorks Employment

Question asked by Wayne Skall on Feb 24, 2009
Latest reply on May 16, 2009 by Chris Champions
I am currently laid off from my job in the design / build steel industry. I have 11 years of experience using AutoCad, but I am now learning SolidWorks and love the software. I am currently taking a quarter of SolidWorks Fundamentals and plan on taking Advanced SolidWorks in the Spring quarter. I have an Associate of Technical Arts Degree in Computer Aided Drafting & Design.
My question to anyone that cares to answer within the SolidWorks Forum community would be, how much SolidWorks experience did you have before you got your first job with SolidWorks? I have seen job postings, but I want to feel comfortable that I have the necessary experience before I apply.
Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.