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Assigning variables to users in PDM

Question asked by Keenan Carragher on Jul 4, 2018

I currently have the following situation that I am trying to resolve. I am trying to add base models to myvault, and have a basic workflow setup where users can transition a part to and from a workflow state called base model. In my system, only product specialists should be able to move a part through the base model workflow. This in itself is easy enough to implment by creating a user group called "Product Specialists" and setting the transition to allow that user group to undertake that move. My problem is I have about 15 different product types, with each one having a different person as a product specialist. It is desireable that only the product specialist of a specific product can use the transition for that specific product, and not any others. This is where it gets complicated for me. I dont want to have more than one base model work flow, and I would like not to have a user group for each product (though I'm fine with having to make 15 if need be).


This is what the file folder looks like. As I said before, the product specialist for [A] should only be able to move parts through the base model workflow in folder [A], and so on.

[Products]  -[A]





With this outlined, is there a way to assign a variable value to users? As in variable X: Bob has a value of [y], while Sandy has a value of [z]. This could help me assign users in the product specialist group what product they are the specialist for. From there I might be able to use a condition in the transition flow so that only if the foler file path contains a product name that matches the user's value for variable X, it will allow them to perform the transition. Is this at all possible? I havve not seen a way to do this with the edit variable dialog box. Is there a better way that I should be going around this?