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    [request] re-import from visualize project

    Damir Galic


      it would be nice if it was possible to re-import from another visualize file, instead of from the model. Assuming you import a model from visualize file you also import all appearances made from there so it would be nice to be able to re-import appearances from there.

      Or maybe make an option to re-import geometry and re-import appearances.

        • Re: [request] re-import from visualize project
          Scott Ellery

          Hi Damir ,


          I am not quite sure what you mean , are you saying you want to have a model in visualize link to another visualize project? kind of like how a visualize project can link to an external CAD file?


          I am not sure how useful this would be as you cannot manipulate geometry in visualize , if it is appearances you are concerned about you could always try the auto-paint functionality to make sure that imported appearances always have the correct material applied to them.


          unless, of course, I am totally off base and misunderstood your question