Tom Gagnon

Idea: Elevated Sketches which load even as lightweight

Discussion created by Tom Gagnon on Jul 3, 2018

I have the same issue as what is discussed in this thread: Problems with lightweight sketch-patterned components . The only solutions are to trigger LW or resolved in one way or another, whether starting lightweight and resolving selected items, or starting resolved in Large Design Review and then setting all to LW. I've understood and lived with this extra step when using sketch-driven patterns. I am proposing a change to make this more adaptive when contextual importance can be assigned.


Language term is flexible in context here, and eventual name of this should be clear and not conflict with other terms used elsewhere already, such as flexible, derived, hot, key, driving, parent, or other confusing items. Some of the terms I attempt to use here are the best equivalent I can easily come up with, and I try to capitalize a word if I'm specifically trying to relate to an existing Feature, Command, or other. Confusion through multi-meaning or cognitive duplicity is unintended. Back to the idea.

Also, reference installation for comparison: 2018 SP2.


I propose an Elevated Sketch, a 'flag', 'tag', 'setting', 'option', or 'property' (all those words already have relevance elsewhere) of a sketch to be triggered as a priority driving factor so that it is loaded as lightweight, similar to how reference planes and axes which are not children of a sketch will load correctly in LW for ease of mates and other definitions within an assembly.


We already have Sketch and 3DSketch. We don't need a new category there to fork existing fundamental design drivers. However, whenever we inspect Feature Properties for a sketch, that little pop-up dialog box is considerably inadequate and could be expanded or improved, in context-sensitive manner. Feature Properties, if you're not familiar, contains: Name, Description, [_] Suppressed and [Configuration↓], Created By, Date created, and Last modified. This has never been useful to me, as either renaming or suppression status can be more easily controlled without it, by slow double click or RMB menu respectively, sometimes even with a customized ribbon icon. Feature Properties window in its current form only appears to be useful for investigating who started it and when, or when it was last modified.


To elaborate possible scope, I know that sketches are not loaded in LW. I know that most of the axis or plane reference entities that I create do load in LW, however I believe from others' feedback that if those ref entities are children of a sketch, then they may not load either. Is there anything I am missing here in consideration of features which could be keyed to load in LW where they would not otherwise? If so, an Elevated status on those items would be helpful for some as well, I'm certain.


In some cases, a sketch driven pattern is very useful in a repetitive yet variable pattern within a large assembly. I'm looking to be able to make our normal use easier and more productive, by identifying specific sketches which are created to drive patterns when and where they are created, to perpetuate stable large assembly use with LW mode and without additional time or fuss. Once an assembly has generally reached 'large' status, we are already struggling with other issues. (Naturally also, 'large' is entirely relative to performance based on component and assembly stability through good design practices, as well as many broad variations of hardware, and not identifiable to all users by a simple finite numerical value of components or mates or other.)


Where/how would it be suitable to put this checkbox or command ?

Of course, this could be poorly used too broadly so that LW status begins to lose its Lightness and consistently bog down with more automatic Weight. It can be easy without confirmation click-through's or hidden / buried settings. If added to Feature Properties in a component, it would be exactly as consistently both available and buried as Envelope status currently is within an assembly, which is another similar Property because it is also unavailable to toggle as a distinct Command through menus, icons, RMB menu, pop-up menu, and heads-up menu (unless I've overlooked that). However, Envelope status in a property is referenced elsewhere in View Properties, and I don't anticipate this to carry through to Views or other relevant interfaces, when View options and controls can mostly handle any sketch well enough already. Then again, any option proposed ought to be considered for use, disuse, or appropriateness in every context by the dev's, not just the ones I use a lot.