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    PDM Vault Log Out Command / Refresh Cache

    Ctm Pdm Admin
      1. Does anyone know of a way to automatically log out of a pdm vault? some method or command line that I can automate and schedule on a workstation?
      2. Does anyone know of a way to clear local cache automatically without having to log-out/in?
      3. Does anyone know how I can make sure that a user always sees the latest version of a PDF file? We have a place in the vault where all "working copy" PDFs go to for quoting purpose and those PDFs change, but every time our shop tries to access the update PDFs (via links) they only see the cached version. (we can only use links because the software they use for quoting only accepts URLs)



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          Michael Dekoning
          1. AFAIK there is no way to do this.
          2. This would require writing a program or add-in using the PDM API. What would trigger it?
          3. In the user settings there is an option "Always work with latest version of files." However, it applies to all files. Also, I'm not sure it will automatically cache a newer version. Again this might require some programming although I'm not sure how you'd do this with links.
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              Ctm Pdm Admin

              Thanks for the reply.


              1. I was hoping a command prompt line such as "edmserver.exe /logout PDM_Vault"...but that's just wishful thinking I guess.
              2. It can be triggered by a periodic timer or...now that I think about it, I can probably just delete the whole folder in the C:\<Vault>\ path with a DEL command in windows on the workstation and put it in windows task scheduler. (i.e. "DEL C:\<Vault Name>\Projects\ /s /q /f"). Just tried this and it works for my case since the shop people only have read-only access to the vault and never check-out a file.
              3. Yeah, I tried that option, it doesn't cache new versions. It only defaults to latest version in the check-out dialog for references. UPDATE: It is somehow working now only if you access the file with windows explorer (Vault View). Not with a link from another application. weird.
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                  Sam Sam


                  It is not sure that is what is necessary, but there is still an option with Web Server with access through Internet Explorer.

                  There too is a local cache the location of which can be changed as for local views (it for computers where is not present the client of PDM).

                  There, if I am not mistaken, it is possible just to refresh pages.

                  In this case, instead of PDM File Viewer it is possible to use very convenient program - XnView (v.2.42) which with addition of gs854w32.exe allows to view PDF and many other formats.

                  And this viewing sometimes is even more convenient than in PDM. However, it seems there is no opportunity to see a status of files, links, etc. But if it is not necessary - very interesting option (at least for experiments).

                  Why XnView 32-bit version? Is and 64-bit, but at that time when I tried it - there were some problems with PDF (I do not remember precisely what). Perhaps, now these problems are absent any more.

                  Not everything can it is so convenient as there is a wish, but as is.

                  Also, I looked for other method of the solution of a question - but also here without Add-in it not to turn out -

                  Automatic get latest files or update cache in active folder on entry.

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                    Ales Svoboda

                    You can kill EdmServer with command - taskkill /im edmserver.exe /f but I think you can not call this command from browser link.

                    It will force you login to vault in next request of any PDF file.


                    Think you can not simply copy released PDFs to network location and view from there? Is it possible in your environment?

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                  Gorkem Bicen



                  1- You can set timeout period for all licenses inc. PDM from SNL.

                  For more info please see attached PDF