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    EPDM Revision Table duplicating revision description

    Dan M.



      I've set up the automated revision table within epdm and linked it to the workflow, everything is working fine apart from the desciption field.


      At rev 1 all is OK but if the drawing is uppissued the comment added when submitted for checking enters into the new rev description but also all previsou revisions.



      Part @ Rev 2 submitted for Rev 3 check:



      Rev table once approved @ Rev 3


      Ive looked through the variables and all seems in order.


      Any ideas?

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          Paul Wyndham

          My first thought is maybe you have the Description variable set as a version free variable. Otherwise the description value should be tied to the version that is specified in the different revisions.


          If that isn't it, could you give more specifics on the Description variable, how the field on the data card is setup and what actions you have for transitions and stuff like that?