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Motion Study (Animation) Help Required

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by John Stoltzfus

EDIT:  Thankyou for everyones contributions.  I do not currently have the time to assess all the solutions offered, and mark one correct as I have to focus on other work now.  But I will return to this later.  Thanks again.


Hey Up!


I'm trying to produce an animation of this door opening from 0 to 95 degrees.  I'm not very experienced with motion studies but I can normally get them to work eventually.

This model I can't get close.  Even limit mates are proving a problem.

I think it's because the geometry is a bit odd with a skewed axis.


I've exhausted all my ideas!


Thanks for looking.


2016 attached.  (The assembly is the one with motion in the filename)