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Hole Wizard Feature and 2D sketch

Question asked by Damien Parasie on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Damien Parasie

Hello everyone,


I use solidworks for few years now and I always had a little problem with "Hole Wizard Feature".

On a volume, I create a normal construction 2D sketch where I want to put the holes (you can see it on the animation below).

Then I clic on "Hole Wizard Feature" (on the animation, my solidworks is in French).

Then in "Positions" menu, I clic on "3D sketch" and I select the 4 points of my construction sketch but the feature don't want it...

You can see on the animation, when I don't select a point on my 2D sketch, the hole is created...


any idea ?