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PDM API Help - Changing File Referencing

Question asked by Jack Brooker on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by Wayne Matus

Hoping that I can get some help on this from the forums, looking to create a VB.Net script to change or update the references of files within our PDM vault. Not looking for somebody to do this for me, i'd much rather get advice on how to tackle it and do it myself so I can troubleshoot/improve it myself later.


Currently my problem is that I have legacy files containing the revision number in the filename (don't ask), and i'm attempting to transfer the data over to our vault, which was previously just in the default windows system. Moving things over is fine, and i've created a dispatch script which removes the revision from the filename, and sets this to a variable in the file called "Issue". The issue comes from the fact that often a large number of the references in the part (sometimes upwards of 200) will still contain the revision in the path, so have to be manually re-referenced. The ideal for me in this situation is to have this process:


  1. For every reference a part has -
  2. Check that the reference contains both characters "[" and "]"
  3. Change the reference path from C:\*\test[123456].sldprt to C:\*\test.sldprt


Been looking into using this method in - but unclear as to how to implement it into PDM


Thanks for any advice