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Unable to select edges to convert entities - Linear pattern

Question asked by Ben Richardson on Jul 1, 2018

This is a weird one that Ive never encountered before.

I have a sheet metal part that I am cutting ventilation holes into and then patterning. The way the pattern is I need to chop some parts out of it (I cant used skip instance to achieve what I need), so i am creating a sketch and then converting the entities of the cutouts I want to fill in. This worked fine on the first pattern, but the second pattern will not let me select any of the edges that are part of the pattern, I can select edges of the seed however. I cant even manually draw the sketch and have it relate to the cutout as it wont even let me select end points, even if i have the selection filter set to end points.


I can work around this but thought someone might be able to shed some light on this weirdness or confirm its just another quirk of SW we have to just deal with.