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Solid Works Addin Installer and registry

Question asked by Alvaro Clemente on Jul 2, 2018
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I've been working on an installer for my Addin using Visual Studio Setup Project. I've added the GUID on the registry view with the complete path (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SolidWorks > AddIn > {GUID}) set it to register always at install and unregister always at uninstall. I've also added the my main dll as an install and uninstall custom action and set its properties to Register : vsdraCOM but it still won't register the AddIn when I run the .msi. Am I missing something? How can I do to have this installer/uninstaller working with the registry? I need to deliver my addin to the rest of my corporation and they need a quick way to set it up and delete it since we are still developing and releasing quite regularly.


Thanks a lot!