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Can I use CSWP exam coupons obtained from work license on my home education license?

Question asked by Kristian Thompson on Jun 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2018 by F. Leatin



So I am in the process of sitting my CSWP exams, so far I have passed segment 1 and am about to sit segment 2. I obtained free exam coupon codes using the serial number and license I use at work as this license has a paid subscription service.


What I want to know is, can I login to the solidworks tester using the account that I created with my work e-mail (the one I used to sit segment 1) whilst I am at home using the educational version of solidworks I have installed on my home computer? Am I allowed to do this? And will I still get credited with the CSWP segment 2 certificate or will I end up getting credited with and CSWP Segment 2 educational certificate?


I want to know because in the UK we are having a heat wave at the moment and my office gets so hot I can barely concentrate, I would much rather sit the exam on my home computer where it is cooler and I can concentrate fully.