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    eDrawings 2018 Will Not Launch

    Jason Vanhalle

      I downloaded eDrawings 2018 from the solidworks website, installed it following the instructions, and did not enter a license key for the free version. Double clicked to open an eDrawing file (which was recognized by my computer to be an eDrawing file, judged by the file icon) got the blue wheel mouse pointer for a second to make me think it was firing up, then nothing. Checked the task manager Processes, and nothing was running for eDrawings. Navigated to eDrawings in the Start Menu, tried to launch from there - same thing.


      So I uninstalled, restarted, re-downloaded, reinstalled, and restarted. Same exact problem.


      Any ideas?

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          Vasil Gatov

          Hello Jason,


          Can you start eDrawings from the eDrawings icon? If Yes try to drag and drop the file into eDrawings windows.

          Can you try to open another file?

          I want to recommend that you to reinstall your windows because sometime there are some confusion in the registry.

          I know that is a huge work but may be resolve your issue.

          Before do that try to open eDrawings and drag and drop same files to see what happen. If eDrawings can not to open all files I think it is better to reinstall your windows, but if eDrawings can not open only one file then the file is corrupted.


          Kind regards,

          Vasil Gatov

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            Kieran Young

            Has there been a registry key created for eDrawings?


            If you are running any antivirus programs this can cause an issue. If so try turning them off to run the install.