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    Problem with joints locations in beam element

    Sadegh Fffff

      I'm trying to perform a simulation on a series of pipes and flanges (all hollow). for better performance and shorter time spending I decided to use beam element, which should makes sense because of geometry of my assembly. first I joined all parts in assembly in one part and saved it. then using this new part I started a simulation but when I clicked on "Treat as Beam" it calculated joints like this:



      which obviously is not what i had in my mind. how can I change location of joints to place them in end of each side?

      was joining all parts into one part a good idea at all?


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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Sadegh,

          This is really not a beam in the sense of beam mesh.  There have been improvements to beam mesh to account for tapering of a profile but this is somewhat beyond that.  The options before you are to 1) mesh this with solid elements, or 2) replace the entire structure with a single constant profile beam to act as a force transmitter.  I would expect option #2 will have a deleterious effect on your displacement results but would solver faster as you are looking to do.