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problem with just installed SW2018 SP3.0

Question asked by Eugen Popa on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Eugen Popa


I've just installed SW2018 Professional. I was having SW2014 Premium.

And now, I have a problem with a part that I created in SW2014. I was trying to make a part similar to the one in the picture below. For that I used a sweep, file attached.

Since I didn't like how was the end of sweep,

I made two symetrical sweep and everything was pretty much ok.


Today I've contacted the VAR and they've uninstalled SW2014 (I've asked that) and installed SW2018.

Now I cannot trim the Spline in the 3D sketch to make just a half. I was able to do that in SW2014.

and if I use the full Spline to make just one sweep, the end of this is even worse than before. I've seen that are more Options, I've tried them, maybe the wrong combination, it didn't work.

Any ideas/sugestions?