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Wanting to learn Solidworks

Question asked by Mark Buchler on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Hello. I would really like to learn SolidWorks, but after learning the cost of the program, my dreams are basically crushed. I currently know Rhino fairly well, and even that was a struggle to afford, but after learning Rhino, it seems most of the job opportunities appear to revolve around knowledge of SolidWorks. Even so, I can see why SolidWorks would be more appropriate for a production environment. I used to work at a place where their engineers used SolidWorks, and it looked like something I could learn somewhat easily, and I definitely have the desire to learn it.


Trouble is that I'm an older guy and my window for hire-ability is rapidly narrowing.


So, I guess my question is how would someone in my position go about learning SolidWorks (and I should stress that I pick up things very fast) when I just don't have the $4,000? I'm not a student, and I don't have any kids in college (one graduated college, the other doesn't want to go!)? I thought of viewing YouTube vids, but I doubt that would be effective if I didn't have the program in front of me. Is there some kind of "senior discount" program (I'm 55 now) offered, or similar? I even checked with my state (CA) to see if they offer any low interest loans for retraining on a software program. They do not!


Anyway, thanks for any advice you can offer.