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Maintain virtual folders in FeatureManager tree when doing a pack-and-go

Question asked by Owen Wells on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by Solid Air

In the FeatureManager design tree, I have created multiple virtual folders and subfolders in order to visually organize and group all of the various parts and assemblies. See screenshot below for reference.


FeatureManager tree folders.png


Of course, Solidworks can also work with actual filesystem folders and subfolders for grouping parts and assemblies in the project folder. This is different than the aforementioned virtual folders in the FeatureManager design tree.


I need to be able to pack-and-go the project folder for sharing designs between companies and even between engineers in my own same company. Pack-and-go fixes all of the references and strips out unused files so that the design opens cleanly on someone else’s PC.


The pack-and-go dialog box does give options for the following, but these options only apply to physical filesystem folders. They do not apply to virtual folders in the FeatureManager design tree.


   - Flatten to single folder

   - Flatten to minimal folders

   - Keep full folder structure


As such, every time I pack-and-go a design, when I open up that new pack-and-go version of the design, all of my virtual folders in FeatureManager design tree are gone; the parts and assemblies listed there have been flattened to a single list view. This is frustrating, as the virtual folders are very useful for organization and efficiency.


Is there a setting somewhere to include FeatureManager design tree virtual folders in a pack-and-go?


Thanks in advance.