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    Visualise won't open a new project

    Aiden Dryburgh

      I have an issue where I cannot open a new or existing project in visualise. It will load up the project but when getting to the initialising it will just freeze and crash. I have done numerous re installations and even a factory reset and new install of windows.


      Running HP Envy X360


      16GB RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce MX150 4GB

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          Aiden Dryburgh

          My girlfriends new Surface book 2  does the exact same thing.



          8GB RAM

          NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GB

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              Franco Fornasari

              I had the same problem on Surface Book 2

              solution has been

              Right Click on Visualize icon, and select       'Run with Graphics Processor'

              then select      'High Performance NVIDIA Processor'


              Visualize was then happy to load and initialize a project. From then on it seemed to run as usual.


              To permanently have the NVIDIA graphics card selected, there is an option to

              'Change Default Graphics Processor..'  below the 'Run with Graphics Processor' option

              This starts an NVIDIA panel where you can set the default behavior for programs on the computer


              It is working ok for me still


              Good Luck