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    All fixtures and forces direction in statics looks good but simulation result is different that I though.

    Ashesh Shrestha

      I am trying to do static simulation to find how much force I would need to hold an item. So I decided to do a simple test part.


      In first figure, 1.5 N upwards only should be reaction force if item needs to be static. Right? (Correct me if I am wrong )

      But SW static analysis shows that I need to apply force in horizontal region also which is not insignificant amount of force.

      What am I doing wrong?



      Update: SOLVED

      It seems that I had misunderstood about fixture. I had fixture to stop all translational motion thinking that if I applied fixture to stop translational only in X direction, it would simply neglect that.

      I changed the fixture to limit translational motion only in y direction (vertical) then I got the result I wanted.