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Solidworks 2018 refuses to save on occasion as if it has forgotten how.

Question asked by Josh Bacic on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by M. D.

Since upgrading to Solidworks 2018 i have had a rather annoying and extremely time consuming bug that is impacting my productivity. On occasion after adding 30+ parts to an assembly or drawing up 5 - 10 pages of drawings i realise that 'ctrl + s' has been doing nothing the entire time I've been working. If i click 'file > save' or 'file > save as', solidworks does absolutely nothing. Its as if it has forgotten how to save. There is no dialog box, no error message, not even a loading mouse pointer.


Whats worse is, it doesnt tell me its not working. so 8 years of experience in pressing ctrl + s has always saved me but now 2018 just carries on merrily not saving and I'm forced at the end to close Solidworks without saving and starting over again. It only happens every 5 - 10 drawings or assemblies so i never remember to check that it hasn't saved.


Why has solidworks forgotten how to save?


NOTE: I have reinstalled Solidworks and have moved from sp2 to sp3