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Drive Works Solo Sharing Issues

Question asked by Intern Intern on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by Intern Intern

Hello, I have been having an issue attempting to share a drive works solo project I have made with other Solidworks users at my company. The project is saved to a folder in our EPDM, and I need to share the project with another intern who has a Solidworks licence, but not an EPDM licence. I have shared the access file and solidworks parts, drawings and assembly with my coworker using a flashdrive, but when they try to find the project on the flashdrive, it does not exist. From reading through the online documentation, I believe the item I need to share that I am missing is a .driveprojx file. I cannot find this type of file, but I can find a Microsoft Access Database file. I have searched the EPDM and my local folders for a .driveprojx and cannot find any files of this type, but I have successfully run the project multiple times. I am still using the trial of Drive Works Solo, and the assembly, the drawing files, and majority of the parts are in the same folder as the access file. When I've run the project, the generated files are stored in a results folder located in the EPDM, the folder being in the same location as the access and assembly file. I have looked at the parts, assemblies, and drawings used in the EPDM to see if they contain a reference to the .driveprojx file, but I have not seen it. Any insight or resources someone could point me to in order to help me figure this out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!