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Command line tools can't find files in vault that are visible in File Explorer

Question asked by Max Douglas on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Ulf Stockburger

When I look in my vault in the File Explorer I can see all of the files. When I browse to a file location using the command prompt and list all files in the directory it doesn't display all files, only ones I've viewed already. Selecting a file in the File Explorer and loading a preview makes it visible in other locations.


I'm writing a macro for Solidworks that looks through every file in the vault and returns the file path for a selected part, but like the command line it fails to load files that the user hasn't personally viewed yet.


My theory is that the files are stored in a database and while I can see them in File Explorer they aren't actually stored on my computer in any capacity. Only when I select a file is it saved onto my computer and made visible at the command line. Is there a way for my code to know a file exists when it can't see the file in its own directory?