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Help with sheet metal corner issues.

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Kevin Andrews

After wading through several old posts concerning sheet metal corners, I still did not find an answer to my problem.


I have a 14 gauge stainless steel pressure gauge housing that I am trying to finish out. I had to create the piece as a solid and then convert to sheet metal. I am having loads of issues in the corners. I am using 2017 SP4.1


1) Even with setting the corners to "butt", leaving a gap of 0.01 , I am still getting a major gap:


Why won't the corners actually close up to the right gap?


2. If I use the corner tool to close the corners (using same settings that I used in the convert step, I can only get it to close the flat, non-curved surfaces. It will not close up the curved area:

It would not allow me to select the curved sections - notice that I even have auto propagation turned on...



So, what am I doing wrong and/or HOW can I fix this?