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Trouble applying appearances

Question asked by Daniel Eelman on Feb 24, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2009 by Rob Rodríguez
I am trying to apply an appearance to a part in an assembly without success. I have done it before in another, similar assembly. See the attached image.

The first image shows the result I get when trying to apply the "white wall" studio material to the block inside the hollow. The texture is not mapped correctly (selecting Face, Body, Part makes no difference).

The second image is the result when I apply it in just the part file. Closer, but I cannot change the color.

The last image is from a different assembly I did a while ago. That's what I am after, but cannot duplicate it now.

I was only able to get this far by capturing the 1 in 10 times PV360 did not immediately crash when I tried to apply the appearance. I'm using PV360 SP2.0 and SW2009 SP1.0. Nothing has changed since the successful image was created. Any thoughts?