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Stock Part Feature Rename - Save Bodies

Question asked by Salman Faiz on Jun 28, 2018
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Hi All,


I do use 'Save Bodies' feature to create my assemblies and will use 'Pack and Go' to re-use these assemblies with different size on other project. I use Find/Replace function in Pack and Go for renaming. It works absolutely fine with only exception of Stock Part Feature name in individual part which stays the same as per the Master File name when first time save body was created.


I am hoping someone could help me out here. For example in the screenshot below, I have part name as 07258-N0020-001 having a MASTER File name of 07258-N0020-MASTER however Stock feature name is as per the previous project from where it was copied.


Note that, I know how to manually rename it in each individual part but it is very cumbersome and tedious process.


Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.