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Import Step File - Problem

Question asked by Darren Smith on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Simon Turner

Can anybody help????


I have attached a macro, and a sample "step" file


From the macro, I want to do the following.....


Load a Step File. (Everything is OK)

Delete all "file properties" that might have been loaded with the step file.(Everything is OK)

Add my own "file properties" (Everything is OK)


If you look at the "file properties" you will see the ones that I have added.


Then I want to save the step file as a "sldprt" in a specific folder.


The problem is.....


I can save the part to a specific folder, but, I always have to re-save the part before closing it, even though I have saved the part using the macro.


When I open the file that I have just saved, using the macro, the "file properties" have disappeared.


Does anybody know what I am doing wrong????






P.S, you will have to update the macro to load/save the step file to/from your own folder locations.