Doug Seibel

Have you used the "Advanced Hole" wizard?  Share your experience & thoughts...

Discussion created by Doug Seibel on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by S. Casale

We first gave the "Advanced Hole" wizard a try when in came out in 2017.  We had zero success getting it to remember the favorites we would create, making the feature rather useless to us so we didn't really dig much farther into it.  We figured we'd let Solidworks work the bugs out and try it again in 2018.  Later learned of the complete lack of hole callout capability for holes created using Advanced Hole, and we were glad that we didn't spent too much time trying to use it.  Now we are on 2018 and since I've got a little "free" time, I've been tasked with digging back into the Advanced Hole wizard and seeing if it's a tool worth using or if it is still "not ready for prime time".  The Favorites that I create are no longer disappearing as soon as I create them...which is a very good thing.  They have adding a hole callout functionality, but I'm finding that the hole callout is still "not ready for prime time".  The hole callout ends up being huge (compared to hole callout on a normal hole wizard hole).  I've figured out how to make the hole callout have a little bit of "intelligence"...but it seems that area still needs some work as well.


So...who else has tried to use it?  Please share you experience and thoughts on it.