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Solidworks into Ansys modelling issue

Question asked by Ulvi Rahmanli on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by Ulvi Rahmanli

I am trying to model weld profile in circular hollow section T joint. As the standard Chamfer option does not represent realistic welding profile I have used boundary surface option and then converted the surface into a solid. Now the problem is when I try to import the model into Ansys with .iges file it shows welding profile split into small edges around boundary which is not useful at all. On the other hand when I use standard chamfer option it does work well which has no use either. Having small edges in Ansys causes meshing difficulties. I have highlighted typical broken edge in Ansys below. See line in green


I appreciate any other option to model realistic weld profile other that what I did in the attached file or any opinion why this happens


As I see consistence edges in SW but in-consistence edges in Ansys, I think, this might me linked to tolerances too. Can anyone advice please on how to tighten tolerances in solidworks?