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DRAFTSIGHT QUESTION :What was "dimaso" in Autocad does not function in Draftsight EXPLODING INDIVIDUALLY?

Question asked by Matthew Turner on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by Robert Marsillo

Proper drafting technique requires that when dimensioning from the edge of a part to a circle on the part, that the dimension extension line of the circle be a "centerline", and NOT A SOLID LINE.

As it is, I am having to explode every dimension I make from the edge of a part to a circle/hole on the part, just to be able to change that extension line to a "Centerline", when dimensioning a 2D drawing.

In AutoCAD you could control this with the DIMASO command, by turning it off, your subsequent dimensions were created of individual entities.

With DraftSight, every dimension acts like a block or a single entity that has to be exploded to do anything with it.


Is there a command to control this because I cannot find it. Apparently it is not an "associative dimension" issue but rather draftsight treating the dimensions as if they are blocks.


Anyone know of a setting or command that will not create dimensions that require I have to change settings for the 2nd extension lines to be centerlines in a menu prior to placing the dimension? As it is I have to explode the dimension, then change the extension line to a centerline.