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    DRAFTSIGHT QUESTION :What was "dimaso" in Autocad does not function in Draftsight EXPLODING INDIVIDUALLY?

    Matthew Turner

      Proper drafting technique requires that when dimensioning from the edge of a part to a circle on the part, that the dimension extension line of the circle be a "centerline", and NOT A SOLID LINE.

      As it is, I am having to explode every dimension I make from the edge of a part to a circle/hole on the part, just to be able to change that extension line to a "Centerline", when dimensioning a 2D drawing.

      In AutoCAD you could control this with the DIMASO command, by turning it off, your subsequent dimensions were created of individual entities.

      With DraftSight, every dimension acts like a block or a single entity that has to be exploded to do anything with it.


      Is there a command to control this because I cannot find it. Apparently it is not an "associative dimension" issue but rather draftsight treating the dimensions as if they are blocks.


      Anyone know of a setting or command that will not create dimensions that require I have to change settings for the 2nd extension lines to be centerlines in a menu prior to placing the dimension? As it is I have to explode the dimension, then change the extension line to a centerline.