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    How to change label of Auxiliary view on a sheet via API?

    William Miller

      Hi all,


      I am creating a macro to reorder and re-label drawing detail, section, and auxiliary views. I have the Detail and Section views working perfectly, however the auxiliary views seem to have some issues. My code is below so far:


      Case swDrawingViewTypes_e.swDrawingAuxiliaryView 'If view type is a section view:
                          Dim swAuxView As SldWorks.ProjectionArrow
                          Set swAuxView = swView.GetSection
                          If IsInArray(swAuxView.GetLabel, datumLabels()) Then
                              swAuxView.SetLabel Chr(curChar)
                              curChar = curChar - 1
                              swAuxView.SetLabel Chr(curChar)
                              curChar = curChar - 1
                          End If


      Is there any workaround for not having any specific handle to set the label of the auxiliary view?