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Treat as Remote Mass

Question asked by Eric Welsch on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Ryan Dark

In Statics Simulation I have components that I treated as a Remote Mass. The part populates under the Remote Mass tab, and I can define how the RM is connected to the adjoining component. When the part gets converted to a RM the icon for the part in the Parts folder (list) changes to have greyed out edges, and there is no right-click option on the part in the Parts Folder once converted to RM. Graphically, in Simulation, the part becomes translucent, as expected. When the RM is deleted in RM folder, the icon changes back to a normal part with the right-click option available, and becomes a solid in the model. This is the process observed in other models, and is correct as far as I know.


In the model I am working in, for an unknown reason, even when the RM is deleted, the part is not being refreshed/updated in the Parts folder (list). It is staying greyed out with not right-click option (like it is still considered as an RM, even though it was deleted from the RM folder). At this point there is no way to modify or change the part! Any suggestions or ideas?