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Auto Filling title block.

Question asked by Minkyu Bae on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Dennis Dohogne

On the drawing progress, was having little hard time changing all title block separately.


I made a drawing file with 11 sheets inside.

I just copied and pasted title block to each sheet.

title block includes, project name, title of sheet, scale, date, drawn by, and revision date.

In one drawing file, Project name, date, drawn by and revision date will be same in 11 sheets

but the scale and title of the sheets has to be changed.


But the problem is, whenever if I have to change the date or project name or etc, I have to go into the sheet and change everything manually.


So the question is,

is it possible to make a title block that includes those information but it automatically changes something that is common in file, (eg. date, project name)

but i can change the uncommon part (eg. scale, title of sheet) on each separate sheet.


Thank you