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Can anyone help me with some organizing files advice?

Question asked by Eugen Lupascu on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by John Stoltzfus

Good day to everyone,


I have a big problem with organising files.

First of all, I can say that I am a beginner in using Solidworks. My first step was building a machinery. Then the things got complicated. The CEO requires that the machinery can anytime been changed. We are 3 engineers working with Solidworks, and everyone in his own manner. The company don't have any logic in the design departament, actually the design departament is not organized at all. It's a sad thing I know but this is the reality.

As I said I think I am still a beginner, and it falls on my shoulder organizing the files. I started a configuration for a workflow in PDM.

At first I didn't know anything about data cards, atributes, but now, as I know I realized that my old files don't have atributes that my new files have. Every file, part and assembly have at least 2 configurations. I have worked with multiple configurations too. My first problem is how can I organize and update all my files in a short time?


The second problem is that I have is with the easy changeble machinery. I have one pilot project which I build and at the top level assembly I added equation to connect the subassembly components which connect the other parts at the subassembly level.



As you see is a smoking chamber which is build by panels. This is one kind. The other I have to build is this:



Is derived from the first machinery. As you see in the left list I used old files and new files. The old files cannot be changed easily through equation or references and new files can. The next level is to build an entire library of machineries The first one in by two trolleys, the second one is by threem and so on.

As you see the connection between ceilings is different from the floor. As a fast workflow can DriveWorksXpress help me?

The pannels are the same but slighty different. How can I make this library in a fast and efficient way with all the atributes and PDM integration?


I already talked with the reseller and they say I had a bad aproach with equations. I had to do it with references.

And to not forgot. Interior parts are changing constantly, so is hard to make a standard library.


What advice can you give me to resolve all of this problems?