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How would you make organic partlines for injection molding?

Question asked by Allen Wilson on Jun 25, 2018

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My coworker suggested that I post this here and ask how you would create this geometry that I demonstrated in this YouTube video. I'm always looking for new techniques tips and tricks. Click the link below for the video and I'll attach the file here. Feel free to modify it and re-post it !


Tech Tip 2: Organic Partlines Tutorial - YouTube

StudioRed Product Design Tech Tip #2


I'll teach you about adding and visualizing partlines to organic forms in SOLIDWORKS using draft analysis and split-line (silhouette) instead of the parting line tool. We will make the parting line adjustable and parametric by assigning a global variable to the tool pull direction plane. We will also add a plastic lip and groove feature for mating the parts. 


I hope you enjoy this Tech Tip!

Allen Wilson

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