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    Approving part resets revison?

    Ari Arponen

      We started using pdm recently and have lots of parts which has already made revision. Now, the pdm resets the revision when I save it to pdm and approve it. Can this be removed? When I save part and it is design state, it shows revision correctly. But when part is moved to approved state it removes the revision info. This is pretty annoying. Altought it can be manually set afterwards.

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          Martin Solem

          A normal workflow will increase revision upon approval. Initially PDM doesn't recognize old Revisions, so a new file will start at, or reset to, first revision.


          When importing a file with a revision, you should use Set Revision to set the Revision counter in PDM to the correct level.

          Then i'd suggest a shortcut from the initial state to the Approved state, so the workflow will be something like this:

          - Import file, rev 03

          - Set revision to 03, update Revision variable.

          - Move file to Approved


          If you import multiple files you can automap revision counter based on custom property values, it's a requirement the revision scheme in PDM matches the old one.

          When the file needs a change, it will follow the normal workflow, and it will become 04 when approved.

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            Joy Garon

            Hi Ari -


            This is a common issue I see when people are new to PDM. (assuming the workflow is setup and operating properly).


            First, let's separate the value you see on the data card. That is the value stored in a variable.

            The variable value can be mapped to SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties. This 'links' the values so that when the value is changed in the data card it updates the custom property or, when the value is changed in the Custom properties it updates the data card.


            The setting and 'incrementing' of the revision value can be done manually (via Set Revision) or automatically via the workflow.


            When a file is first 'added' to the vault, it is recorded as version 1 with no revision. Any mapped properties will show in the data card (including a legacy or desired revision value). However, there is no 'revision' yet as far as PDM is concerned. Tip: A good way to see a files 'revisions' is to look in the history, or, select the file, right-click and look for the version that is stamped with a revision.


            To set the revision (and usually it involves changing to an 'approved' or 'released' state as well), you advance the file through the workflow and the revision is incremented at the appropriate point.


            In the case of legacy files where you want to set the revision to the value contained in the file property, you would use 'Set Revision' and use a special transition (that does not increment the revision) to place it in the desired state.

            Once this is done, the file can be managed within the context of the workflow without any further intervention.


            The attached video demonstrates the 'Set Revision' process on a set of legacy SOLIDWORKS files.

            I hope I understood the problem correctly and that the video helps.




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                Ari Arponen

                darn! Tried to add that legacy transition between in design and approved states.

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                    Joy Garon

                    Hmmm... I don't do a lot with Standard.

                    Can you add a state Legacy between In Design and Approved?

                    Then add a transition Send to Legacy from In Design to Legacy and another transition Approve from Legacy to Approved?

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                        Ari Arponen

                        umm.. no there are limit of 10 states in standard vaults.. Maybe I should think this over (got the workflow from our SW supplier), so I think I will get rid of Preliminary and locked states.


                        One another thing to get work done, I put the "set revision" available for state "in change" and i get this error when I try to approve files:

                        So I need to open them in SW and type something in RevisionDescription field so I can approve those. Can this be removed? So I can leave it empty?


                        edit:  found it

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                            Joy Garon



                            At this point I'm going to advise you to stop and refer you back to your VAR because there is more going on in this workflow than what I can see. What appeared to be a simple issue has turned into something a bit more complicated.

                            There may be conditions on transitions that need to be considered and etc. so I don't recommend modifying the workflow without understanding the implications.


                            Another bit of advice: you should only try workflow and vault modifications in a 'Sandbox' vault not a production vault.

                            And always do a complete backup of the database and archives prior to making changes.


                            The VAR who provided you the workflow will have a good understanding of the design and can advise you how to best move forward.


                            Let us know how you make out.



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                                Ari Arponen

                                umm... well...

                                I made some changes and I usually have pretty good feeling (and some decent experience from other pdm-systems) about this kind of things. And I got it working through my manual revision state.


                                But hey! Thank you very much for you help!

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                                    Joy Garon

                                    I'm glad you got it doing what you need.

                                    I've seen some funny things go wrong with workflows, so, I'm cautious when I'm not the one pushing the buttons :-)


                                    Things to be aware of:

                                    - you can never delete a state if a document has passed through it.

                                    - however, you can modify the name and modify the transition actions leaving to it.


                                    Whatever changes you make, I recommend that you put some test documents through the all the workflow cycles a few times to make sure it all works.