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Rev only one configuration in an Assembly using PDM

Question asked by Kassandra Williams on Jun 25, 2018
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My company has been using PDM for just a few months now. We are trying to create a data card that only revs one configuration at a time within an assembly. The result would then be that the various configurations could/would be on the different revisions from each other. Right now all of the configurations revise all together. In the data card, I have unchecked the box that says "Updades all configurations". I thought this would do the trick but sadly it did not work. In our workflow, the cad file revision is incremented when we "request change". It is a "set variable" action. When I go to edit this action, i see that the variable is set to "Revision", same as the data card which is good, the value is set to "%nextrevision%" and there is a configuration box that is empty in our case. I am thinking that if I put something there like "current" or something along those lines it would only rev the current revision we are editing. I have been searching forums and anything else that could be related to this and I have been coming up empty. Do you have any idea what would make PDM do what I am asking?



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