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20 year ProE User to SW's. Cosmetic threads?

Question asked by Larry Brock on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Larry Brock

I have used ProE for over 20 years.  I am now on SW's 2016 with zero training although I did get a few days of training on SW's 2010 years ago.  I have been able to muddle my way thru because of the similarities between the two.  I have been able to model parts and do assemblies.  I have one question thru all this. 


I am trying to create a cosmetic thread for a tapped hole.  All I see with "hidden lines" turned on is the top of the thread around the hole.  There are no hidden lines for the body of the thread showing the blind thread around the hole.  Shouldn't I be able to see the thread around the hole?  Would it show up in my drawing?  (I still have to learn how to do a drawing) 


Any help appreciated.